The important tips about filing for bankruptcy

The important tips about filing for bankruptcy

Before declaring bankruptcy, you should consider alternatives if possible. In the period 1998 to 2010, bankruptcy has doubled. Filing for ...

Why you should choose a debt relief program during financial difficulties

Why you should choose a debt relief program during financial difficulties

Sometimes people can earn a lot of money but can't keep them. If you make pots of money, but if ...

Commodity futures trading: what is this?

Commodity futures trading: what is this?

Commodity futures trading offers great potential reward, and in many ways less complicated than trading stocks. Here is an overview ...

How to begin smart investing

How to begin smart investing

Beginning as a conservative investor and make low-risk investments is a good way to start smart investing. You can probably ...


Thanks to technological progress, stock and Forex trading has become much easier nowadays. With such a facility at hand, online trading has helped many people to make investments without encountering difficulties faced by traders a few decades ago. In addition, access to various online resources helps understand the vital functions of trading. Yet simple Web resources are not sufficient to equip you with all the nuances regarding effective strategies and long-term profits. Therefore, it is particularly important for you to undergo formal investor training to learn to trade the market and become a successful investor.

taking a trading course

Before starting your education, you need to determine your goals and answer a few simple questions. Read all post…

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To date, of the more than 330 Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP) accountable care organizations, 93 percent have been located in high or mixed population density areas, and very few Rural Health Clinics or Critical Access Hospitals have become MSSP ACOs. Thus, rural America has been relatively untouched by this major accountable care program.

In an effort to change this, on Oct. 15 the Innovation Center of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services announced the launch of the ACO Investment Model. This new initiative will provide up to $114 million in upfront investments, to up to 75 MSSP ACOs. That works out to an average of about $1.5 million per ACO, though the investment amounts will vary based on an ACO’s number of preliminarily prospectively assigned beneficiaries.

Two groups will be eligible to participate in the model: new MSSP ACOs joining in 2016, and ACOs that joined the Shared Savings Program in 2012, 2013 and 2014. As with the Advance Payment Model announced in October 2011, the ACO Investment Model aims to help ACOs succeed in the Shared Savings Program by providing upfront capital to cover startup and ongoing infrastructure costs. C

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Homebuyers aged 55 and older are feeling more confident in the housing market, according to the latest National Association of Home Builders’ (NAHB) 55+ Housing Market Index (HMI) report of second quarter data.

“We have seen steady improvement in the 55+ housing sector as buyers and renters are attracted to new homes that offer many of the luxuries and conveniences they desire,” said Steve Bomberger, chairman of NAHB’s 50+ Housing Council and president of Benchmark Builders Inc., in a news release. “55 [plus] buyers are very selective and have high expectations, and new construction can meet their needs and discerning tastes.”

“One of the factors contributing to the positive signs in the 55+ housing market is the slow but steady increase in existing home sales in the last three months,” says NAHB Chief Economist David Crowe. “The 55+ market is strongly driven by consumers being able to sell their existing homes at a favorable price in order to buy or rent in a 55+ community.”

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This article is by staff writer William Cowie.

Most banks (especially the larger ones) have been regarded as pretty safe, for all intents and purposes, since the middle of the previous century. But since banks started maintaining our balances in secure data centers at various locations (instead of holding our savings in safes and vaults in their local branches), a bank’s records of what is yours and mine become increasingly visible to people within the banks, but also to some on the outside that have malicious intent.

In the never-ending game of cat and mouse, each time a bank improved their security measures, bank robbers improved their methods to attack those centrally located files. At first, stealing money in the electronic age became an exercise in simply transferring the money in your account to their account. Call it “Phase I of electronic banks and robbers,” but those initial efforts were only focused on getting inside the banks’ now-electronic vaults … where the cash advance in Toledo, Ohio is.

The advent of electronic identity theft

Then thieves discovered another vault: our identity information. Instead of Read all post…


Powervault, which is in the final stages of the EU based Climate-KIC Accelerator programme, hit its  £150,000 investment target in under eight hours of launching on Crowdcube.
The company’s product uses an integrated battery and control system to store electricity generated from solar panels during the day and release the stored energy during the evening, effectively giving the homeowner greater management of their green energy while lowering energy bills by 15 per cent.

“Revolution” in localised renewablesOver half of the investment for Powervault had already been committed by a network of six experienced Angel investors, including venture capitalist Simon Acland, who underlined the potential of both the product and of the start-up’s method of securing funding through online crowdsourcing.

“This is a technology we believe has the potential to catalyse a revolution in localised renewables – a revolution which will see consumers increasingly empowered to dictate their own energy futures,” said Acland. “As such Read all post…

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As the number of accessible derivative products continues to rise, so too does the volume of trading methods used by investors. These variable strategies may cover one or several market practices, and each offer different advantages to the traders who adopt them. Breakout trading is one such method, and one which is commonly associated with spread betting and the forex market. It is can also be practiced by both on and offline traders, with outlets such as Sucden Financial providing a viable platform from which trades can be executed.

What is Breakout Trading and is it Suitable for You?

The breakout method of trading is used to identify trends waves as they begin to ascend, allowing investors to maximize their potential profits. Historically, the signals for breakout trades are triggered when market volatility soars, as this sends prices either rising or falling outside of their established range. Once this has occurred, investors can adapt their trades accordingly and capitalize on the sudden price movement, while minimizing their risk in a volatile market.

The key to this method of trading is timing, especially when applied in the forex market. Read all post…

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Best of Blogs for Week of September 26th

Every Friday afternoon I share some of the more interesting or notable posts that I have seen in the personal finance blogs and other sources for the past week

DoughRoller  discusses the question Should You Pay Off Your Mortgage or Invest for Retirement?

MyMoneyBlog gives us Charts: Average New Car Price vs. Average Student Loan Debt 1990-2014
and that comparison is a topic I touched on when I asked Is There Really a Student Loan Problem?

DQYDJ made another neato investment calculator/tool with an Automatic Graham Number Calculator for Any Stock!

Theres also a  Free App Bundle on Amazon today with several apps like OfficeSuite Professional and Sonic the Hedgehog among others.

— This article may contain referral links which pay this site a commission for purchases made at the sites.

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Pubs Cutting Prices in Tax Protest

LONDON Pubs across the UK are cutting prices for a whole day as part of a campaign calling for the reduction VAT rates on businesses in the hospitality industry.

On September 24th more than 15 000 pubs and restaurants across the UK will reduce prices by 7.5 percent, as part of the Tax Equality Day campaign to reduce the rate of VAT in the UK.

The campaign was launched by the VAT Club, an independent body representing the hospitality industry, which claims that reducing the rate of VAT in the UK will lead to a wealth of economic and social benefits in the country.

According to the experts of the VAT Club, the hospitality industry employees at least 2 million people in the UK, and accounts for one in eight new jobs, and one in six of every job held by people aged between 18 and 24.

The results of analysis conducted by the VAT Club indicate that any cut to VAT rates will directly lead to cuts in prices and an increase in salaries, with 60 percent of the cut diverted to price slashes, while 10 percent would flow to salary hikes, and 5 percent and 20 percent flowing to training and investment, with the remainder becoming extra dividend payments.

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